Creating an "Evil" Paper Mario Cartridge

Have you ever purchased a used copy of a video game? Often times, the previous owner's save files are still present. In the event I buy a used game, I've always been curious to see the progress other players made before starting myself. But could you imagine encountering files that abused glitches to force you into repeatedly resetting the game?

Since the discovery of Peach Warp and its ability to permanently softlock a save, selling a cartridge with all four available files stuck at the Bowser's Castle cutscene has remained an inside joke among some Paper Mario speedrunners. Thanks to discoveries such as Save Block Storage and Goompa crashes, a few advancements have been made, enough to softlock each file using unique glitches:

File 1: Peach Warp Softlock (Discovered by Bonecrusher1022)
File 2: Icy Barrier Softlock (Discovered by r0bd0g)
File 3: Game Over Softlock (Discovered by iycewynd)
File 4: Shiver City Softlock (Discovered by Stryder7x)

Obviously, the files can be deleted and started from scratch, but in the event someone wanted to sell the game and potentially surprise the buyer, or shock a friend when loaning them a Paper Mario cartridge, this would be a fun method of doing so.

The downside is the amount of time it takes to set up each file, since these softlocks require completing a large portion of the game.

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