Beckett Simonon Reid Low Top Sneaker Review | Minimalist Black Leather Sneakers

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The Beckett Simonon Reid sneakers are the 3rd pair of shoes that I own from the brand, the first being their Morgen German Army Trainers in navy and second being the Dean classic black oxford.

Beckett Simonon separates themselves from competitors by offering a high quality product at reasonable prices while cutting out the middle man. The wait is long, but sometimes good things are worth waiting for.

My experience has been positive with the brand and I'm hoping it continues with the Reid low top sneakers.

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Shop Beckett Simonon: (Enter code “GENTWITHIN” for 20% off your order.)

Reid Low-Top Sneakers (All White): - Down from $149 to $119 with code GENTWITHIN.

Full Review On The Blog:

If you need a little introduction on Beckett Simonon here's a quick rundown.

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Beckett Simonon is an online only retailer that initially started with a Kickstarter campaign. They've come a long way since then. They currently operate on a made-to-order basis which means that they hold no inventory. Everything is manufactured in-house which allows for them to have control over their production, and also offer fair, ethical conditions to their craftspeople.

You place the order, they craft the goods, the middle man is cut out. And 3 months later (I know, it's a long wait) you'll have your shoes.
Beckett Simonon's business model is similar to Gustin in that they crowd source and then deliver at wholesale prices.


I went through the complete Beckett Simonon experience, the whole 3 month process from the initial order to delivery on my doorstep.
They assigned a dedicated brand representative who sent production updates every 2 weeks from when the leather was sourced, to cutting of the leather, and so forth.

I got to know who was in charge of stitching the uppers and crafting of the shoe which is a nice personal touch that you don't get from other brands. I like that they share the story behind your products, which makes the wait well worth it.

Additionally with each update, they provide excellent customer service. If I had any questions about products or manufacturing processes, all of their contact information is readily available.

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