Are we eating cloned meat? (Ask Rockefeller)

Does anybody really know what's for dinner anymore?

A dangerous trend is cementing into place, where GMO foods, aspartame added to milk and cloned meat can all enter the marketplace without being labeled — or even officially announced — to the public.

And while a major controversy has erupted over labeling genetically modified food staples, commonly mixed in with a wide array of foods, we are told that cloned beef may not even be identifiable or distinguishable, and may already be in our food supply.

The FDA gave assurances in 2008 that it is safe; but if any risks are identified, how will the public even know what's on the end of its fork?

Even more disconcerting are a few of the major ties found in the history of breeding cattle, chickens and other livestock in this country. The grandson of John D. Rockefeller, John Rockefeller Prentice, is a pioneer of artificial insemination, being the first to freeze bull semen and revolutionize the breeders market from a regional-only stud basis to the capability to sire "genetically superior" cattle nationally and worldwide with ease -- both for beef and dairy production.

His company American Breeders Service (ABS), founded in 1941, became a giant in the industry. By 1988, ABS Global Inc. became the first firm to clone beef cattle; today they have been absorbed by Genus, plc. and are part of a major biotech enterprise servicing 3 million beef and dairy cows produced with ABS semen each year in 70 countries all over the world.

What's really in your food? And who defines what food is anyway? A clone of a clone of a clone of a...

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