10 Female Bodybuilders Who Went Too Far

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10 of the most extreme female bodybuilders in the world, who actually went a little too far.

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Female bodybuilder / bodybuilders.

Many consider bodybuilding to be a man’s sport. Possibly the most legendary bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger brought the sport into the mainstream over the course of his career, but no female has every truly been able to bring the same amount of attention to their side of the ticket. What’s more, many consider the IFBB’s (International Federation of Body Builders) guidelines to be leaning the female competitors into a more “feminine” figure as opposed to the hulking muscles you’re about to watch in this video..

These women, though, pay no mind to what people might think a woman is supposed to look like. They are bigger and stronger than 90% of the men on the planet, with their only true rivals being male bodybuilders and professional weightlifters. Many of these women aspire to be the size of the male competitors, and some even get close (relative to their size). Even if they don’t weigh as much, these women have bigger biceps than my head and can probably lift two of me. Sure, there are probably/definitely a large amount of steroids involved, but it’s still impressive to behold. They certainly aren’t pinup models, but that’s the price you pay for herculean strength.

Music: Surveillance by Igor Dvorkin / Duncan Pittock / Ellie Kidd

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