Leo Personality || Astrology Personality Series

Affirmations include:

– Get the Leo zodiac sign's positive traits:









*Great natural leader
















*attractive (be seen as attractive by others and yourself in terms of personality and looks)













(I decided to put in confident because Leos are known for i, even if many of them hide their securities behind that as a mask.)

It is normal to not identify yourself with most of these traits even if you are a Leo. You have more signs than your basic zodiac sign also called sun/star sign. Your sun sign only represents about 0.1% of your astrological DNA. So you may be a Leo and have way more Virgo or Cancer influence, for example.

Read more about the Leo zodiac sign here:

I am now selling tarot readings as well. One of the readings I do is about LOA and subliminal progress to help you localize blockages, etc. If anyone is interested here you have my tumblr page:

My email is [email protected] Please, send tarot requests to that email and not sub related ones.
I only accept paypal at the moment.

all of my subliminals:
❥ don't have binaural beats or frequencies unless I say so
❥ you can multitask
❥ you can listen overnight
❥ you don't have to know english
❥ can be downloaded as wav and flac
❥ you don't have to use earphones or headphones
❥present tense only
❥no words like "no, don't, can't" and etc.
❥ are permanent
❥ have affirmations to get results fast

Listen to this for at least 30 minutes to one hour. You can listen to more, but make sure you don't feel overwhelmed.

Results come different for everyone. They depend on many factors like age, health, faith, energy, etc.


If i don't reply to you:
❥ youtube didn't give me your notification
❥ your comment didn't go through
❥ it was marked as spam
❥your question was already answered in the description
❥ it was a request

I don't share the affirmations of my subliminals because subliminals work better if you don't know the affirmations.

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