Arkana - Malkuth

Ein Sof EP is out now:

1) Ein Sof
2) Kether
3) Tzimtzum
4) Malkuth
5) Netzach


In 2015 I had a very ambitious dream for the Arkana project, but something within myself wouldn't allow me to push the ideas to life. I felt like I was losing my self identity and simultaneously didn't have the necessary skill set or ability to achieve such a vision.

During this time every fiber of my being was seeking a change. My music and personal tastes were evolving and I knew I had to take a new approach to music and life.

I decided to message one of my old friends to see if he'd want to try writing some music together. He agreed, and after our first writing session we had instant synergy, and our collaborative efforts soon became the electronic/postrock project Death & Rebirth. After this I released my final Arkana track "Vita | Mortis" before taking a 3 year long hiatus, and embarking on a new musical journey.

Through the process of Death & Rebirth I learned an insane amount about myself, and the person I want to become. In 2016 we released our debut EP "Taijitu" which was a style completely out of my comfort zone, and shortly after we debuted our single "Kodama". I felt like I overcame the mental block I was having with music, and I was really starting to understand and craft my own sound. I'm thankful and humbled for every moment I shared with my friend in that project, it changed my life.

Now I'm finally making my vision from 2015 become reality and the Ein Sof EP is a huge stepping stone for me. Ein Sof in short is the constant process of self-creation and redefinition. My own heroes journey. The EP to me represents my efforts to achieve perfection despite the fact that we live in an imperfect world. I feel it's time to release this EP into the cosmos and move on, to infinitely evolve as an artist, and start a new phase of life.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.



Artwork by Klaus Pillon
Animation by Marc Cachapero
Guitars & additional production by Adam Kuatt

Released by New Dawn

#arkana #cinematic #soundtrack

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