Why I DON'T support the Dairy Industry- with Gary Yourofsky

Since female mammals can only produce milk during and after pregnancy, all cows are raped once a year to impregnate them. Bigger dairy facilities immobilize the cows on what the industry calls a “rape rack” where they shove a bare hand or long steel device into their vaginas to inject them with bull semen. Smaller operations individually lock the animals into a tiny “stall” to perform the rape. Around 9.5 months later, moments after giving birth, babies are stolen from their mothers. From a business standpoint, the dairy industry has to steal babies to prevent the calves from sucking up the milk they want to sell to the public.

Like male chicks on an egg farm, male calves are considered useless by-products of the dairy industry; males can't become pregnant or produce milk. Unlike the chicks who are thrown into rendering machines fully conscious, the calves are imprisoned by the veal industry in small stalls or tiny crates, sometimes with ropes and chains around their necks to immobilize them. Minimal to no movement is allowed; this prevents muscle development, which keeps THEIR flesh extra tender. Calves can be seen licking each other's faces to comfort each other, and desperately suckling into the air hoping to connect to their moms' udders. The veal industry only exists because of the dairy industry! If you avoid consuming the dismembered bodies of male babies but consume dairy, you are still responsible for massive amounts of pain and death because you are supporting the prolonged suffering of mother cows, and their female babies who wind up being raped and imprisoned like their moms! After 3-7 years, when cows no longer produce huge amounts of quality milk, they're sent to a slaughterhouse, chopped up into hundreds of pieces and sold for hamburger meat; 90 percent of it comes from the dairy industry. If given a chance, cows can live to be 18 to 25. Injured animals are costly so it is always easier to kill them than to treat their maladies. While the mother is bleeding to death, they also give her a fully conscious C-section so they can slice the still-breathing baby's throat, too!

Machines are hooked up to the protruding udders of cows several times a day to suck them dry. Along with countless drugs and Bovine Growth Hormone injections, infections and pus form inside and outside of the udder. Then the pus is sucked out with the milk! Pasteurization, which cleans the pus but does not eliminate it, creates a concoction of sanitized pus. The national average hovers around 350 million pus cells per liter, which means that each glass of milk has around an eye-dropper full of pus! From time to time, The Hoard's Dairyman and other dairy industry trade journals discuss the pus problem. Cows raised on organic/antibiotic-free/hormone-free/grass-fed/local facilities don't produce pus-free milk either. In fact, organic milk has more pus than non-organic milk because when cows get infections, as they always do, medicines aren't used to treat the malady. Thus, more pus accumulates in the system. Soy, rice, almond, hemp, coconut, oat, flax and hazelnut milks (the vegan ones)—along with human breast milk—are the only pus-free milks.

Moreover, mother cows make milk for THEIR babies and for THEIR babies alone. They certainly don't make milk for baby humans, adolescents humans or adult humans. The human body has no need for cow milk, just as it has no need for dog milk, giraffe milk, zebra milk, camel milk, goat milk or rhinoceros milk. The only milk that anyone ever needs comes from THEIR own mothers' breasts! And when weaning is completed, milk is never needed again. Without a doubt, dairy is the stupidest and most unnatural 'food' consumed by humans. Have you ever turned on a wildlife program and watched a lion tackle an antelope—not to kill her, but to suck milk from her teats? It's high time for vegetarian hypocrites and selfish meat-eaters to wake up! If a mother cow is lactating, and her baby isn't present, then the mother and the baby are being tortured.

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