The Top 50 Worst UNDERTALE Theories Ever Made! Undertale Theory | UNDERLAB

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Well, I've made a lot of videos now... inevitably, there were a few ideas I threw away! How about 50 of the very worst? That's right... he's some disturbing insight into my theory-making process, featuring 50 terrible ideas! Which one is your favourite?

Underlab explores the secrets and obscurities of UNDERTALE, that game everyone seems obsessed with. There's a lot of said secrets and obscurities. Like, a lot. It also showcases and explains the lore and story of the game in an attempt to explain, clarify, and perhaps even discover completely new stuff...

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UNDERTALE is a game by Toby Fox
Awesome channel art by FrauLion!
"Best Friend" art by Moofinseeker
Harry Wakamatsu created the UNDERTALE replica fonts used in this video
UNDERTALE sprites ripped by The Spriters Resource community (thanks UnderFail, JamminJelly and ILLUUM)
UNDERTALE OST extended by Elu Tran
Extremely convenient save states provided by HylianAngel
Special thanks to my best friend(s)

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