ASMR Let Me Help You Sleep AgainAgainAgain! Ear Cupping and Tapping, Guided Relaxation, Lullaby

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Hey, everyone! I hope you all are doing extremely well today (or at least VERY well, like this character says). This video is a role play in my little series of casual role plays, Let Me Help You Sleep. If there's any confusion, this is number 4! ^_^ I promised to have this ready in January, but then life happened and there were delays. I wanted to make sure you had it as soon as possible, so here it is! I hope you will enjoy it.

The asmr trigger sounds that you will find here are candle tapping, ear to ear whispering and some soft speaking, a guided relaxation, some slow hand movements, the crackling of flames, ear blowing, ear tapping, ear cupping, and a lullaby! I will try to have another video for you soon. Thanks for stopping by and take care!

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