How to get the magnets out of a microwave magnetron --- Its About Everything.

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Hello every one
welcome to Its About Everything.

Today in this video i have shown how you can salvage the powerful magnets from a microwave Magnetron. If you have a micro wave oven and you have replaced its Magnetron recently then you have two torus magnets which is very powerful and just waiting to be taken out.
Before you start taking out the magnets i would like to warn you that some Magnetron have beryllium oxide insulator in the tip and bottom part which when breaks or gets grinded it becomes poisonous, the dust if inhaled it may cause some serous lung disease so be extremely careful. (SO DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK)
however if it does not breaks then it is much safe. If it is made of aluminum oxide then it is fully safe.
Aluminum oxide ones have white color and the beryllium oxide have a slight purple and pink type color so you will know it. Mine is purple and pink type color so i was much careful while opening it.

For the detailed process of opening it you can see this video and it explains everything.
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