ASMR Literal Ear Eating Mouth Sounds

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Sit back and relax! ASMR ear eating sounds, tingly mouth sounds ear to ear, breathing sounds. Binaural 3D ASMR hypnosis for relaxation and good sleep. Natural stress relief.

ASMR for People Who Don't Get Braingasm!

Extremely relaxing ASMR. Ideal dose of mouth sounds for tingles.

Please Put on HEADPHONES for the BEST experience! It's Such A Relaxing Sound! It will help you to sleep very quickly (@[email protected]).... (^_~).... (-.-)Zzz....

If you have enough time in the evening, it would be great to listen something like this as much as half hour before you go to sleep.

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What Is ASMR? Click here for more information about ASMR .

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