Censored! Demonetized! by Youtube!

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52 Year old Farm Girl has lost her advertising income on Youtube. This is the video that got us demonetized on Youtube.

COMMENTS DISABLED: Had to disable comments on this video because they are doing more harm than good. Youtube monitors comments and we are not wanting to make things worse with all of the attacks on Youtube. We understand that people are upset with youtube and wish to defend us but saying off color and things and name-calling here is not helping. We try to keep politics out of our material.

We feel that dirty is in the eye of the beholder. This is an inspiration channel that deal with a myriad of subjects and happens to have a lovely fitness model presenting. Does that make it dirty or inspiring? We google has decided for us, that a 53 year old woman who works out and stays fit is somehow a threat because she shows off her bikini clad body.

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