Manifest-Absolute Perfection-highest level!-supernatural powers (multiple voices 5 X)-no music

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Manifest-Absolute Perfection-highest level!-supernatural powers
(multiple voices 5 X)-no music
Perfection-The ability to be perfect in all existing aspects.

(User is in the condition, state and quality of being free from all possible forms of flaws or defects. If the user was not perfect from the beginning the traits and actions to achieving perfection must be flawless, the process of improving something until it is faultless or as close to faultless as possible, whether it be from magic, divinity, science etc. With perfection, there is nothing the wielder can't do and achieve.)

Also Called:Absolute Life-form,All Powerful Life-form,Complete Form,Flawless Being,Higher Life-form,Impeccable Life-form,Invincible Life-form,Limitless Being,Paragon,Peerless Life-form,Ultimate Life-form

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subliminal includes:
Physical Perfection:
Absolute Condition-The power to possess absolute physical and mental condition
Absolute Athleticism-The power to possess a limitless level of athletic skills.
Absolute Agility-The power to possess a limitless level of agility.
Absolute Beauty-The power to be infinitely beautiful and use it to affect others.
Absolute Immortality-The power to be eternal and indestructible.
Absolute Life-Force-The ability to have an unlimited amount of life energy.
Absolute Reflexes-The power to possess a limitless level of reflexes.
Absolute Speed-The user possesses a limitless level of speed and velocity.
Absolute Stamina-The power to possess limitless physical energy, stamina and vitality and never tire.
Absolute Strength-The power to possess a limitless level of strength.
Absolute/Divine/Meta Combat
-The ability to reach the ultimate pinnacle of combat proficiency.
-The power to possess a divine level of combat skills.
-The power to fight/defeat anything using physical combat.

Body Supremacy-The power to be perfectly aware of, familiar with and in control of one's bodily motions.
Weapon Proficiency Touch-The power to turn things and other objects (even humans) into personally gained weapons just by touching.
Absolute Invulnerability-The power to be immune to any kind of damage.
Meta Regeneration-The ability to heal from absolutely anything, at a metaphysical level.
Immutability-The ability to be absolutely immune from any alteration or change by outside force.
Physical Godhood-The ability to be a Physical God.
Self-Sustenance-The power to reduce or remove the need for bodily necessities.
Ultimate Jactitation-The ability to be immune to any/all forms of immobilization

Mental Perfection:Almighty Mind-The power to have psychic abilities on an omnipotent scale.
Absolute Intelligence-The power to possess a limitless level of intellectual and cognitive proficiency that can surpass anything in existence.
Absolute Charisma-The power to possess infinite charisma.
Absolute Psionic Power-The power to possess absolute psychic power.
Omnipathy-The ability to read, sense, communicate with, and control an infinite number of minds across all universes, planes and dimensions
Omni-Manipulation-The power to manipulate anything.
Anti-Psychic Presence-The ability to project a presence/energy that shuts down/annihilates psychic power.
Chaotic Vision-The power to view the true chaotic state that makes up existence/reality.
Hypercompetence-The ability to be naturally skilled in various fields at unnatural levels.
Intuitive Perception-The ability to analyze and instantly comprehend anything perceived.
Infinite Creativity-The power to have access to a limitless amount of ideas.
Mass Consciousness-The ability to infect and convert a person to one's own thought process through psychoactive viral mental manipulation.
Mindshifting-The ability to have full control of one's own mind.
Neuro-Psychic Knowledge-The power to manipulate wiring and functions in the cerebellum.
Omnicompetence-The ability to handle all situations and matters
Omniscience-The power to know absolutely anything and everything infinitely.
Psychic Shield-The power to be highly resistant to psychic attacks.
Psychopotence-The ability to wield ultimate power with mind.
Unimind-The power to be connected with all things and their essences.
Existential Perfection:-The power to be perfect in terms of existence.
Almighty Ascension-The power to ascend to a limitless state of power and achieve virtual omnipotence.
Ascension-Ascended Physiology-The ability to leave the physical body and exist on a higher level.
Change Embodiment-The ability to become the embodiment of change.
Enlightenment-The ability to understand or possess full comprehension of the universe and beyond.
Higher Consciousness-The ability to gain a new state of development in consciousness.

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