Humancoin CEO interview (What is Humancoin? The main idea of the Humancoin project in 90 seconds)

Humancoin is set to herald a new era for charity

In a world with a population of over 6 billion people there is a need for charity. We as a human race can’t survive without the generosity of others.

What is stopping us from donating?

We know there are doubts over whether the contribution will reach the recipient in full and on time. There is a growing lack of trust in charities, due to the absence of any official international organizations for evaluating their activities. Cross-border payments for foreign projects are difficult and heavily regulated.
And where are the benefits

Humancoin is the currency of kindness

We asked ourselves what we could do better. And so we built Humancoin.
Humancoin is a revolutionary platform introducing synergy to the philanthropy industry, e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets which together have a combined value of over $3.5 trillion.
We have analyzed each market and realized that by ensuring transparency and traceability through blockchain technology we can propel the charity industry to new heights.
When integrated into e-commerce, Humancoin has the potential to become a global loyalty programs aggregator and can be converted into various bonuses: miles points and coupons.

Why is Humancoin a breakthrough blockchain project?

A fixed number of Humancoin tokens will be made available during this Token Sale. These funds will be used to create the Humancoin P2P blockchain platform and an international network to support the project, launch a PR campaign and develop a partner network. At the end of the Token Sale the Humancoin token will be listed on cryptoexchanges.

Why own Humancoin?

Token holders can either sell their tokens or keep them and take advantage of the attractive benefits from our growing network of partners.
Join the Humancoin family! Join the Humancoin Token Sale!

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