Judging Men as Success Objects - Interviewing Beach Girls

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In today's age, a lot of men are made to feel superficial and shallow because they judge a woman based on her appearance rather than her personality. The Red Pill community claims this is hypocritical because while men might superficially judge a woman as a sex object, woman are just as likely to superficially judge a man as a success object, glossing over his personality and assigning him value based on his wealth and status. Thoughts?

1) Do you think it is ok to judge a man based on his wealth and status?

2) Are you attracted to wealthy, high status men? What about your friends/other women?

3) What is appealing about a high status male with lots of money?

4) Why is women's preference for a successful man not publicly acknowledged and discussed?

5) Why is there so much social stigma for men being superficial for liking a beautiful woman but not for women liking successful men?

6) How would you feel if you were no longer judged by your appearance but your success?

7) Have you thought about how it feels as a man to be judged, not based on your personality but by your success? Can you empathise?

8) Why do you think men don't judge woman based on their wealth and status?

9) Why do women frequently give advice to 'just be yourself' and 'its whats on the inside that counts' instead of advising men to increase their fame, wealth and status?

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