Worlds Greatest Remote Viewer Explains How We ALL Have This Psychic Ability

Remote viewing is an ability that we all share. It allows us to describe impressions of distant or unseen targets, using extrasensory perception or sensing with the mind. The location of these targets or events can be hidden by physical view, or separated at a distance, within the present or the future. Russell Targ will give attendees the opportunity to experience the part of the human mind that controls our psychic abilities and multi-dimensional awareness. During the Cold War, Targ worked at Stanford Research Institute with the CIA and many other government agencies on remote viewing applications. He will describe unique cases, such as locating a Soviet weapons factory alongside a downed bomber in Africa, as well as US hostages in Iran, and a kidnapped general in Italy. Russell trained six Army Intelligence officers who formed a psychic corps that produced valuable information for a decade. Join this phenomenally impactful workshop to learn how we are in fact multi-dimensional beings, with the ability to tap into the many dimensions of time and space, and are not entirely subject to the limitations of our physical bodies.

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