6 Ways To Your Mindset From Negative To Positive!

What's up Donk Squad!!!! Time for another Therapy Thursday! Today we discuss ways to change your mindset from negative to positive! Often times our thoughts drive our emotions, in which we think we can't control. Moreover, we don't realize that if we placed ourselves in certain environments which are positive, it allows for our emotions to then lead our thought processes. While a mental illness isn't necessarily addressed in this vlog, I think we can all relate to just feeling stuck in a bad mood sometimes, in which we don't necessarily know how to get out of. There are so many simple ways to turn your mindset around! It can be as simple as playing music that may be nostalgic to you, playing with your pet, or riding your bike! Placing yourself in a positive environment, with positive people is the best way to do it! You may feel stuck or discouraged about your current situation, but it won't last forever!

I give you six short basic tips that I follow when I find myself stuck in a continuously negative frame of mind. Hope you enjoy!

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