Guild Wars 2 - New Living Season, Episode 2 Launch Date! New Masteries, Areas & A Legendary Dagger!

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● The new story episode coming to Guild Wars 2 is called "A Bug In The System" Which will be coming out around march 6th.
Said story episode will have of course a new story, that's a given. You will also gain new masteries and lastly there's a legendary dagger. Now while the trailer shows some of the new things to look forward to there's also a lot of speculation on what it's going to be like exactly. I will say "Spoilers ahead" just in case as I haven't personally made it far enough to know a spoiler when I see it in Guild Wars 2 as, I'm only a poor level 80 scub you just gained gliding mastery and is in the early stages of Path of Fire!

● Hope you guys enjoy

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