Animals SAVED My Life | My Anxiety Story | Story Time | Positive

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Animals literally saved me from myself. My anxiety and depression story and how I overcame my mental obstacles.

I was so nervous about making this video. I must have shot it about 4 times over the last few months, but it finally felt 'right' when I filmed it this time.
This isn't a pity me video. I don't feel ashamed or weak. This video reminds me that everyone has their battles, and we can all make it through, especially with the help of our furry, scaly, feathery and slimy friends. If this video can help anyone, it's worth it!

I'm a huge believer in the healing power of animals. There is scientific evidence that proves that pets bring us a whole plethora of health and mental benefits. Please, treat your pets kindly, and thank them through your care for filling our lives with happiness.

Through my anxiety and depression, I was never suicidal or self harming, but I didn't know or accept that I needed help until finding help was my only option left.

Please, if you're finding yourself withdrawing from life, hiding away and feeling hopeless, talk to a trusted friend, family member, anonymous help line or seek help from a medical professional. You're worth it. =)

Thank you to PETS ADD LIFE for sponsoring this video. Pets add life are a non-profit, national campaign to spread awareness of the positive impact pets have in our lives and communities.
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