PROJECT ZORGO Mystery Treasure for DoomsDay Found!

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PROJECT ZORGO Mystery Treasure for DoomsDay Found!

Previously on The Meg and Mo Show...
After Enigma left some mysterious clues, the Mega Squad worked out the secret location of the first Destiny Stone was at a real life castle!
Meg, Mo and Jake, head to the castle through a forest. They receive a message from Enigma, who says he has left them a secret spy package with gadgets to help them battle Project Zorgo. Carrying a backpack of spy NINJA Gadgets, they find a MYSTERY BOX to Battle PROJECT ZORGO (Gadgets Unboxing Haul Top Secret Clues of Hacker). Insidewas a super cool drone to spy on the PZ members. This drone can also be used to find Top Secret Clues. Finding this cool spy gadget was better than a $10000 unboxing haul challenge. Meg, Mo and Jake search for the treasure known as The Destiny Stone. The Destiny Stone can be used to stop Project Zorgo and help YouTubers like Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer. To our surprise, Project Zorgo members showed up ready to battle us with ninja moves. Now surrounded by them, will Meg, Mo and Jake find the Destiny Stone before them and win this battle royale?

Meg wakes up in her bedroom, ad wonders how she got there. Mo explains how they managed to escape from Project Zorgo after searching for clues and discovering a mystery box. They manage to open the mystery box to find a cool treasure. Then, they receive a call from Enigma and he tells them what they need to do next to protect the treasure from Project Zorgo, but he warns them they must not touch the stone because it is too powerful., but then something really weird happens!

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