Angelina Love vs La Rosa Negra (Women's Wrestling) Pro Wrestling Syndicate

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Awesome women wrestling match featuring TNA knockout Angelina Love vs La Rosa Negra!

Title Match Media LLC owns 100% exclusive licensing/distribution rights to the Pro Wrestling Syndicate video catalog.

*We have digitally remastered this footage from the original iPPV version (available only at ), including color correction, advanced audio editing & new commentary specifically for YouTube.

Event: Dream On
Promotion: Pro Wrestling Syndicate
Featured Talent: Angelina Love, La Rosa Negra
Where: Monroe, NJ
When: June 8, 2013

- 3 Camera Shoot w/ Panasonic Prosumer Cams
-Post-edits were made by Title Match Media
-Music: None
-Studio Rights: Title Match Media LLC (via Title Match Wrestling, Title Match Network)

Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling was a women's wrestling company originally owned by Eric Pleska via Pro Wrestling Syndicate until 2016. When Pro Wrestling Syndicate closed their doors, Title Match Media LLC purchased the entire PWS video library which included nearly 60 shows between 2007-2016.

This took place during Angelina Love's departure from TNA Impact Wrestling. Here, La Rose Negra was the PWS Bombshells Champions, while Angelina Love had her sights set on winning the gold.

This exclusive women's match was shot at the Pro Wrestling Syndicate Dream On event.

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