Grow Plant Based Protein in the Garden! | Vegetarian or Vegan Homestead

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Grow Plant Based Protein In the Garden! | Vegetarian or Vegan Homestead. Let's talk all about how you can grow protein in the garden! And no, we're not talking about growing veggie burgers, although you could certainly make them with the crops discussed! I want to share all about how we are planning to grow protein in the garden! Grains, legumes, greens, all are included! So let's chat about plant based protein.

Link to the Vegan Pantry Cookbook:
My favorite seed company for the Northeast:

About the Sunshine Farm
We're Jenn & Chris. We are millennial homesteaders on a small plant based hobby farm and modern homestead in Upstate NY, where we focus on sustainability, loving on all our animals, and enjoying wide open spaces. We're in our mid-twenties, balancing full time jobs, and also trying to share our lives with you along the way. Thanks for joining us for this video, we're excited to have you along for the ride.

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