Village Lechon in Pampanga (BETTER THAN CEBU?!) My FAVORITE food in the Philippines!!

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Dampa Seafood Feast in Manila -

We're leaving Manila for the food capital of the Philippines PAMPANGA! We are teaming up with FoodieMommaPH ()
to bring you an entire street food series in Manila, Philippines! Today, we drive to Pampanga to visit the legendary restaurant Bale Dutung. Today we are eating a LECHON FEAST! Thank you so much to Khee (FoodieMommaPH) for arranging this incredible dinner for us. She can arrange your visit too!

For more nformation, visit Bale Dutung website:

Chef Claude and Mary Ann Tayag are the masterminds behind the beautiful lechon degustation in today’s video. The restaurant is also their home and art gallery, featuring pieces made by Chef Claude himself. The suckling pig is roasted on site, village style, and all of the food is gathered in the community, everything is local and Filipino. The pig is made into 6 dishes and the other courses are traditional Filipino dishes. While Chef Claude is busy creating dishes fresh throughout the experience, Maryann walks through each dish and explains the ingredients used.

You may be familiar with the restaurant or the chef because his restaurant was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”. Visiting Bale Dutung is a great way to experience “village” life in the Philippines as well as an introduction into traditional food in the Philippines.

Price of the meal (10 course lechon): minimum PHP 1,850 / USD $35.72 with 12 people.

Want to visit and each this insanely DELICIOUS lechon in Manila? Get in contact with FoodieMommaPH who can arrange your dinner reservation, driver and accompany you on an incredible tour outside of Manila city to the culinary capital of the Philippines: Pampanga! To get in contact with her, check the information below:

email: [email protected]
instagram: @foodiemommaph
facebook: foodiemommaph

Thanks so much for watching! We hope you have been enjoying our STREET FOOD series in the Philippines so far!


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LECHON and AMAZING Filipino Food in Pampanga - PHILIPPINES 2019


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