PZ9 Spy Device Must Be STOPPED To Save YouTube!

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PZ9 Spy Device Must Be STOPPED To Save YouTube!

In our last video, we discovered PZ9 The Best Fighter from Project Zorgo has taken control of a mystery YouTube channel and we need to stop him! We've received a mystery box from an unknown person. They tell us we need to complete a spy ninja challenge to help save a YouTube channel who's been hacked by Project Zorgo's PZ9! For those who don't know, PZ9 is an ex member of Project Zorgo and he now has his own channel called PZ9 The Best Fighter where he's planning to take over YouTube. He calls himself the best fighter because he's had a lot of ninja battle royale's against Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel PZ1, Regina PZ4 and their friend Justin. For a long time, the CWC Spy Ninjas thought PZ9 was their friend Justin, but that turned out not to be true. We are still waiting to have a PZ9 Face Reveal to discover his real identity. After completing the challenge, the mystery smoke hacker told us to go to JellyBeanTV's house to complete the next part of the mission. There we have to solve a hacking device to save JellyBeanTV's channel from PZ9....but something goes wrong!

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