SNES Classic - MSU-1 Test & Tutorial (USB-HOST)

UPDATE: It is High Rule Tail! Not Tale:) "accidenTAIL", as madmonkey said:)

By popular request, and the push of madmonkey to check out this amazing format:) You now get to check out this Tutorial + Test Video. Here are a few notes:)

**You may luck out and not have to worry about the conversion, if you find the soundtracks pre-converted into .pcm files!**

--Steps are in brevity...

1. Patch proper Rom using Lunar IPS

2. If starting soundtrack is in mp3 format, use Audacity to convert to Wavs, then wav2msu to go from Wavs to PCM

3. Add patched Rom File via Hakchi2, as shown in my video (if on SNESC), and normally, if on NESC. I would recommend leaving the Rom Uncompressed!

4. Copy the Rest of the files, PCM, MSU, XML, BML, etc...Basically, any applicable files, copy over into the Install directory of Games or Games_SNES folder for that specific MSU-1 Game, as they are dependencies:)

5. I would use SNES Dual Core 9x, which works nice and clean with Classic Command lines, such as /bin/snes AND /bin/snes9x

6. Refer to the USB-HOST video for the set-up for that Modification! Most MSU-1 Games will require USB-HOST to work!

Lastly, there are many other MSU-1 related things, one can do. I will go over those in future videos, such as your own Custom Soundtracks:)


單擊鼠標右鍵並選擇 "保存圖像為..." 將原始圖像下載到您的計算機.


直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 1280x720

直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 640x480

直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 480x360

直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 320x180

直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 120x90