ONEPLUS Beats SAMEsung in Premium Price Segment + 500K Surprise

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With Samsung launching Sensorless Smartphones, under powered devices and relaunching the same phones again & again, I always believed that they would loose in the budget range and it did happen in the last few months where Xiaomi has been doing pretty good followed by Honor, Opportunities & Vivo.

But this week a big news has come up that changes what we thought might be very hard for any brand. Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei have been trying to get a good marketshare in the Premium Smartphone Segment in India but surprisingly OnePlus beats Samsung in this Segment.

Today, lets talk about the few strategies that according to a few reports that have worked for OnePlus.

1. Premium Segment Pricing - While Samsung has been selling phones over 60K price point, OnePlus entered the market with a price of 35K where they were offering pretty much equal specs that helped the brand grow by 446% Year over Year while the sales for Samsung & Apple have been declining in the Country.

2. Offline Strategy - Unlike the initial days, they now have presence in the offline markets with their exclusive stores where people can buy the phones after experiencing them that also has helped the brand get more sales. Apple's share in premium segment was 14% which is their lowest ever and looks like the increase in custom duties, higher pricing has impacted them.

3. Products - While the Galaxy S9 had failed when compared to the galaxy S8, there were reports that Samsung still kept promoting the product t but with OnePlus Smart strategy, they added more buyers. In fact numbers point that Samsung's shipments declined by 25% yearly in this category. The demand towards sub-40K price bracket has increased and this is where OnePlus with top-end specs, good performance, stock like Oxygen OS and a good camera has lead them to directly compete with Samsung.

Overall I also think that consumers are liking the brand because of the overall premium brand building they have when compared to others. Example when OPPO came with 60K phone, people didn't show much interest or if even LG launches a new phone at 50K consumers would clearly opt for OnePlus considering the limited 2 devices launch / year, top end specs and overall a good product that's valued for their money.

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