The shocking footage shows a stressed farmer look on as about 150 activists

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A swarm of militant vegans have stormed a Queensland cattle farm as part of their on-going fight for 'animal liberation'.

The shocking footage shows a stressed farmer look on as about 150 activists entered the Millmerran property at midday on Saturday.

Wearing white coveralls covered in black shirts that read: 'Meat the Victims', the protesters cut across Lemontree Feedlot as the farmer chases after them.'Get off my f***ing country,' the stressed farmer can be heard yelling.'Don't go f***ing through.'

A protester can then be hear yelling back: 'You're hurting animals here, we're here to show the truth of what you're hiding.

'The only reason you're upset is because you've got something to hide.'Protesters then spread through the feedlot, where they captured images of three dead cows lying in muddy pens.

The farmer, who is clearly overwhelmed by the mass of people who have flooded his property, tells the person videoing the animals were shot humanely.

'How do you humanely shoot a cow?' a protester asks.

Feedlots attract a lot of attention from activists across the globe as they are used to increase the amount of meat each animal produces. When police arrive a short time later, the protesters left the property.

A police spokeswoman confirmed to Daily Mail Australia no arrests were made.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Lemontree Feedlot for comment.

Footage from the protest has been posted to the Animal Activist Collective Facebook page.

The post also featured a comment from Leah Doellinger, which read: 'The message we are sharing is simple; animals are here with us, not for us.

'Animals lives are their right and what is happening to them is unjust, needless violence. There is no humane way to exploit and kill someone.

'The animals do not need better welfare standards or conditions, they need to be liberated, they need people to live vegan.'Lot feeder David McNamee told Queensland Country Life the incident was incredibly distressing for his family.

'It remains unclear why our family business has been targeted by this group of activists.'

He said the actions by the protesters had put his family, staff and livestock at risk.

Mr McNamee said he was committed to industry best practice, but despite doing his best to safeguard against mortality occasional deaths do occur.

It is the second time a feedlot has been targeted in Southern Queensland by animal rights activists in a month.

The Wonga Plains feedlot at Bowenville near Toowoomba, was targeted by a group last month who claimed cattle were being mistreated.


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