Barrels of Whiskey - The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats [Official Video]

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"Barrels of Whiskey"
Produced, mixed and mastered in Principal Studios, Senden. (Jörg Umbreit)

Video by Wüstenberg & Römer:

SHOT AT Freilichtmuseum Hagen.


Barrels of Whiskey

As I stepped out me house I saw this man named Clyde
He took me by the hand saying I’ll take you for a ride
I said I cannot go there there are things to get done
He said boy you must cause I ain`t got a son

There’s a little secret no one should know
Deep into the forest we both gotta go
I show you the way I earn my daily bread
But dare not to reveal it or you gonna loose your head

I make barrels of whiskey it ain’t no champagne
It's served in our brothels to keep away the pain
What I share with you my lad
Is the biggest secret I’ve ever had

See the soldiers at war on the battle field
They've got more than a gun my whiskey is their shield
Look at the crippled and wounded down the street
A passport to hell and a bottle to their feet
You don’t leave a child or a sweetheart behind
This is our secret vow so boy don`t be blind


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