Pig with Purple Ears suffering from frostbite en route to "Quality Meat Packers" in Toronto

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We witnessed a pig with purple ears who was suffering from extreme frostbite all over her face and body. Pig suffer from frostbite and hypothermia in extreme cold weather. It's horrific and it's illegal to cause "unnecessary harm and suffering" to farm animals in the Criminal Code of Canada.

It was -17°C and felt like -28°C with windchill, but in a transport truck traveling on the highway at 100 km/hr the windchill factor is much greater, and for the pigs near porthole, it could feel like -40°C or worse. At Toronto Pig Save's vigil on the morning of January 2, 2014, we saw 12 transport trucks between 7:40 and 10:10 am. "Quality Meat Packers" continued the slaughter and transport in this extreme weather, anything to continue to profit as the pigs suffered unbearable cold weather.

Most of the panels on the transport trucks were closed but depending on how far the death trucks travel, how crowded they are, and where the pigs are (e.g. it's bad for the pigs nearest portholes), the suffering is unimaginable. Crowding predisposes pigs to frostbite because it prevents the pigs from repositioning themselves in response to cold spots in the trailer & also exposes them to vehicle's metal walls.

In the winter, some pigs die frozen to the sides of the trucks. One worker reports, "In the wintertime there are always hogs stuck to the sides and floors of the trucks. [Slaughterhouse workers] go in there with wires or knives and just cut or pry the hogs loose. The skin pulls right off. These hogs were alive when we did this." [see Peta's blog ]

Editing: Anita Krajnc and Mary Fantaske; Photos: Anita
Music: Explosions in the Sky
Thank you to Susan Banks, Ingrid and Fred Newton, Bogar Felix and all who attended the morning vigil.


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