One year out of Youtube + Plan with me: October

. Hola! Ada Frost here! ☟
So happy to have returned to YouTube! In this video I tell you all I've learned in this year that I've been out of social media, plus how I make the bullet journal of October. Hope you liked it and enjoy it, and don't forget to leave a thumbsup!

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In Love With a Ghost -

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Recorded with : Canon 6d + 35mm Sigma Art Lens .
Edited with : Adobe Premiere Pro CC + After Effects .

** Things you don't know about this video \\ It took almost three weeks to script, record and edit this video. It has been a very very long and hard work that I'm so proud to show you guys - she sais while clapping her hands - . I felt a little bit exposed while I was recording it, but this lessons that took years for me to learn are things to be proud of and if this message has arrived to some of you, I'll be so satisfied .

Thank you so so much for being always there supporting my art, all the love you give to my creations means the world for me!


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