Blockchain Innovative Minds Series - Interviewing RedCab (trailer)

In this first series of Blockchain Innovative Minds, we will interview Walid ElGendy, Co-Founder and CBO of RedCab. RedCab is the First Decentralized Peer to Peer transportation solution on the blockchain.
Want to know more about how he built his business?
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About Blockchain Innovative Minds
Blockchain Innovative Minds is dedicated to creating a professional network of Blockchain leaders, developers, and enthusiasts from different industries. We will host a series of interviews, inviting Blockchain experts, including CEOs and founders from all around the world, to meet with you here in Australia, virtually, and share with you how they built their empire as well as discuss what they see as the future trends.

This initiative is designed to build a collaborative network of those who are either keen to be ahead in the space, to lead in this space and/or employ these latest technologies to make a difference.

Join us to connect, learn and be inspired!

About The Organiser:
Islam Abdullah, Founder and CEO of Ylemer. Islam is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast. With a passion to fulfil this new market's needs, his vision is to utilise cutting-edge technologies to provide an innovative, revolutionary way for global citizens to connect with each other – providing a ground-breaking platform that allows everyone to build a communal knowledge bank where information, ideas, and talents can be shared/leveraged within a supportive community environment.


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