Beings meme - MONSTER WARTS!

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ORIGINALLY THIS MEME WAS LIKE TWICE AS LONG I wanted to add a whole lot to the front but I have some really long videos I'm working on already and I rly need to get back to those for you guys so!!! It's regular meme legnth with some self promo.

BUT YEAH Patreon is out, Amino is free for you guys and it's a lot more ocial and I like that better tbh. I'll try to post something there every day if I can but we'll see! Otherwise goooo make friends it'll help me out a lot tbh.

This meme is my ~Original series~ andddddd expect an episode in the not so near but definitely not too distant future ',:3c A lot of these characters aren't mine but they are for the series, Blusilurus, WishfulVixen, Squizxy, and a whole handful of other people are helping me make this series and designed and made some of these babies I love them so much sobs.

This was my first time ever using after effects and the puppet tool and I really wanted to practice with it but also I REALLY wanted to tear my damn hair out jfc

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