5 WTF Moments Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

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5 WTF Moments Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


Unbelievable things happen every, single day. Fortunately for us, technology has made it much easier to capture and share this incredible moments. Extreme thrill-seekers are some pretty amazing people, dedicated to accomplishing some pretty hairy feats. We all know about Felix Baumgartner and his jump from 128,000 feet. While that’s the pinnacle of cool, there are plenty more people willing to put themselves in danger for the sake of our entertainment. On that note, we bring you 5 WTF Moments Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! Let’s Begin!

5. Wingsuit Landing On Water

No matter what way you break it down, wingsuits are awesome. I’m sure we’ve all imagined what it would be like to fly, but a growing number of thrill junkies are taking to the skies like flying squirrels, making for some incredible footage. We’ve all seen wingsuit fly-bys and witnessed Uli Emanuele zip through the centre of a rock formation barely wide enough to fit through at speeds of up to 60 mph. One man, Raphael Dumont, took his sport to the next level by becoming the first person to land with no help from a parachute. He accomplished this feat by landing in water, which is no easy task and still incredibly dangerous.

4. Rollerman on Luge

Imagine a longboard mixed with the skeleton event. While flying down a luge at breakneck speeds is crazy enough, Jean Yves Blondeau of France has taken this combination very seriously. Being an engineer, he was able to put his skills to work and design a suit that looks a lot like a superhero costume with rollerblade wheels attached to it. Strapping into this contraption, Jean has some incredible footage showing him absolutely flying along the dangerously-winding roads along the alps. He even put his skills to the test on a luge course complete with obstacles in the form of people hanging out and doing everyday activities. Watching him whip past a pair of girls having a picnic, missing them by inches, is just nuts.

3. BMX Quad Backflip

Extreme sports stars are constantly pushing boundaries and trying to one-up each other, with today’s stunts requiring an immense amount of preparation and careful calculation. One of the holy grails in most extreme sports are tricks involving multiple backflips. Cody Hess made history when he became the first wakeboarder to successfully land a triple backflip, but this next clip might just top that. After a ton of prep and more than his fair share of scrapes and bruises, Jed Mildon became the first person in the world to successfully complete a quadruple BMX backflip
during a competition against fellow rider, James Foster. After a number of unsuccessful attempts, luckily with no broken bones, Jed beat out James and made BMX history.

2. Jetman

Inventor of the Jetman suit, Yves Rossy, along with Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen, have been turning some heads in the most spectacular way possible. In 2016 they took to the skies in their specially-built jetpacks above Dubai (Yeah, you heard that right. Jetpacks!). What makes them more amazing is that they flew in formation with the Patrouille de France, who are world-renowned stunt pilots. Watching them fly alongside these champion pilots is mesmerizing. The Martin Jetpack has an expected price tag of $200,000, which is a lot, but not all that much considering the fact that they can propel you along at 74 kilometres per hour at a height of 3000 feet. Making it even better, the jetpacks run on regular gasoline and don’t require any special type of fuel.

1. Victoria Falls Bungee Disaster

We have one thing to say about Erin Langworthy of Australia, who, in 2011, plummeted 360 feet into the Zambezi river below Victoria Falls: She’s, hands down, an absolute beast. Her injuries were serious enough, but then we heard about how her cord got stuck, leaving her to swim against the powerful current to free herself before finally swimming to shore. We can only imagine how scare she must have been; bruised, confused, and rapidly running out of air. She did this with damage to both lungs and a shattered collarbone. We’re sure we would have been a goners.

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