Why I started eating meat again

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EDIT: June 2018
Since posting this video I have received an overwhelming out pour of thank you’s and hundreds of people sharing their similar stories. The point of my making this video, which I stated a number of times, is to advise people to listen to themselves, and eat intuitively. See how their bodies react to the foods they eat and regardless of what anyone tells you, only you hold the power to decide what is best for you. I have stated multiple times in this video that veganism is awesome and if you want to do that, then do! And if you want to eat meat, then do that! It’s your prerogative. It’s your body. You shouldn’t have to answer to anyone.

Unfortunately, I have also received hate, bullying, and actual threats from the vegan community. And all I want to say about that is that I send each and every one of you love. Some of the most awful and hurtful things I have ever read as been commented on this video. And still, I send you love.

Race, religion, and the color of your skin, all still separates us. And apparently something as trivial as your diet does too.

My hope for this video and my message on this issue in general is that it may inspire someone to not label themselves and to accept others for their differing beliefs. Be who you are and live in your own truth. And maybe one day we will be able to live in a world where diversity is not only pointed out but embraced. In the infinite amount of possibilities this universe holds for us, may we learn to accept them all and not cling to only one way of living.

Anywho! Comments are now disabled on this video.


Not many people talk about this, and hopefully this helps or inspires someone to think differently about their diet. But heres my story on why I stopped being vegetarian after 11 years and started eating meat again.



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